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Sabbath School
Sabbath School Starts at 9:20 AM CDT each Sabbath (Saturday).
It is designed to promote the study and discussion of Bible topics in group settings.
We use a Sabbath School lesson books produced by the General Conference Sabbath School Department.

Sabbath School Net   
Hope Sabbath School     

We have classes for the following age groups, following the guidelines set by the
General Conference Sabbath School Department:

          •Beginner & Kindergarten: Birth -- Sixth Birthday
          •Primary: Sixth Birthday -- Tenth Birthday
          •Junior & Teen: Tenth Birthday -- Teens

We appreciate the leaders, teachers, and helpers for all our Children's divisions.  Please keep htem in your prayers, along with our children and youth, as we seek to prepare them for the LORD'S work here and a home with HIM for eternity.

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